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Stories and Storytellers at the Frontiers of Courage and Curiosity
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Season 1, “In Pursuit of Phantoms,” is out now!

Join Hidden Compass co-founders and podcast co-hosts, Sabine K. Bergmann and Sivani Babu, as they narrate stories from their award-winning magazine — and then go behind the scenes in interviews with each storyteller to see what inspired them to venture to the frontiers of courage and curiosity.

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Featured Stories and Storytellers

Episode 1: “People of the Forest” feat. Hayli Nicole

Episode 2: “Awakening the Canopy” feat. Sabine K. Bergmann

Episode 3: “The Beauty and Violence Beneath Our Feet” feat. Jodi Cash

Episode 4: “The Medusa of Time” feat. Daniel Hudon

Episode 5: “Ice Bear” feat. Sivani Babu (Wednesday, April 7)

Episode 6: “Trick of the Light” feat. Annelise Jolley (Wednesday, April 14)

Episode 7: “Journey of a Golden Soul” feat. Martha Ezell (Wednesday, April 21)

Episode 8: “Sweet as Challah” feat. Sonya Pevzner (Wednesday, April 28)

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Sivani Babu


Sabine K. Bergmann

Sivani Babu


Sivani Babu is the co-founder, co-CEO, and creative director of Hidden Compass. She is an award-winning journalist and nature photographer who has contributed to BBC Travel, CNN, Backpacker, Outdoor Photographer, Iron Horse Literary Review,and numerous other publications. Her work has been recognized in the Best American Travel Writing series and has appeared in exhibits from San Diego to the Sorbonne. Sivani graduated from the University of Chicago with three majors — economics, public policy studies, and political science — and one Lazarused newspaper, the Chicago Weekly News. At the University of Pennsylvania Law School, she taught high schoolers about their constitutional rights. As a Teach for America corps member, she taught eighth graders about the tangency of math and literacy. After working on a Supreme Court case and occasionally using unicorn metaphors to explain the realities of sentencing to hundreds of indigent criminal defendants, Sivani left her career as a federal public defender to sail across the most brutal sea on earth. Since then, she has chased storms through Tornado Alley, searched for polar bears in the Arctic Circle, and survived a broken neck and a concussion while sailing through a lightning storm in the Bermuda Triangle. Sivani is working on her first book, Saving the Night: Shedding Light on the Importance of Darkness.