Jodi Cash

Jodi Cash is on a quest for characters and secluded swimming holes.

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Jodi Cash is on a quest for characters. Her work explores the relationship between people and place, and has been featured in The Bitter Southerner, Scalawag, Paste, Kinfolk, Hidden Compass, and Sirius XM’s Canada Talks: Native Traveler. She co-founded The Seed & Plate, which features stories about community, largely through the lens of sustainable agriculture. In 2019, she published Concrete Jungle: A Foraged Fruit Cookbook, in collaboration with the Atlanta-based nonprofit of the same name.

Lately, Jodi has focused on co-directing and producing her first documentary film, The Green Flash. It chronicles the life of a legendary pot smuggler, who she wrote about in one of The Bitter Southerner’s Best Stories of 2016, “High Times and Low Tides at Reefer Beach.”

Originally from Atlanta, she now splits time between her hometown and Barcelona.

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athens, ga

 athens, ga

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