Sabine K. Bergmann

Sabine K. Bergmann is the co-founder and co-CEO of Hidden Compass. She’s also an award-winning journalist whose cinematic stories invite readers to explore places and characters who connect us to the grand tapestry of human wisdom, kinship, and purpose.

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About the Journalist

Sabine K. Bergmann is the co-founder and co-CEO of Hidden Compass. As an award-winning travel, science, and nature journalist, she has contributed stories to dozens of publications — including WIRED, Sierra Magazine, and The Best Travel Writing book series — with a collective readership of more than 21 million. As an editor, she has managed content for travel companies valued at more than $500 million. As a bilingual speaker and consultant, she has inspired companies, universities, and soul-searchers around the world to harness the power of story. Her writing has been featured in exhibitions throughout North America, Northern Africa, and Europe.

The roots of Sabine’s work wind back to her childhood. From summers as a nerdy kid building rockets in her backyard to the day she packed her bags to move to Bolivia at the age of 19, Sabine has always yearned for a connection to something beyond herself. As a Stanford-trained environmental researcher and international development worker, Sabine has collaborated on conservation projects from Australia’s tropical rainforests to the Dominican Republic’s coral reef nurseries. In 2009, she represented climate researchers at the United Nations. She has battled dengue in the Peace Corps, mountain biked from the Andes to the Amazon on the world’s most dangerous road, and inadvertently partnered with cocaine-smuggling fishermen in the Caribbean.

But Sabine finds her true purpose in the quieter moments when she stumbles upon threads of human experience that lace across continents and generations. These are the stories she’s inspired to capture — the stories she travels the world for.

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