Autumn 2018


A Note from the Editors

As we tumble into autumn and the second year of Hidden Compass stories, we find ourselves with an issue full of mysteries.

We begin with an enchanting Time Travel piece and feature story, Poems from Paris, written by the legendary travel writer Don George. His captivating prose — accompanied by original paintings by the fabulously talented Colette Hannahan — explores the enigma of what remains when we leave a place that has changed our life, and what we can find when we go back more than four decades later.

Then, in our Human and Nature piece and photo feature, Ice Bear, our Creative Director Sivani Babu dives headfirst (and lens-first) into the mysterious life and death of an iconic animal.

For Hidden Compass’ first ghost story, Valerie Stimac leads us on a Chasing Demonshunt to find The Ghosts of the Redwood Coast — rare, pale specters hiding amongst the towering trees of California’s famous forests.

In our Portrait(or rather, Self-Portrait) piece, Moroccan and a Half by Mike Bernhardtwe consider the mystery of identity — what makes us a tourist or a visitor, and what makes us become a local?

And for our Quest department, Hidden Compass’ Editor-at-Large, Liz Shemariafinds herself in a cash conundrum in A Mandala of Money. She faces not one, but two mysteries: what can she do, and who can she trust?

As always, we extend our deepest gratitude to our readers, who share our dream of powerful storytelling, and to our contributors, who send us stories worth sharing.

Yours in wanderlust,

Sabine Bergmann and Sivani Babu, Hidden Compass Co-Founders

Liz Shemaria, Hidden Compass Editor-at-Large