Exciting Things are Happening at Hidden Compass!

We’re working on our website, but if you’re wondering who we are, what we plan to do, and how you can be a part of it, check out the link to our Contributor Guidelines below. To meet our team, read on!

Contributor Guidelines

Our Founders and Editors

Co-founder & Editorial Director

Sabine Bergmann is the co-founder and Editorial Director of Hidden Compass. She is a professional writer, traveler and conservation activist. Her work appears in a dozen publications, including Wired Magazine, Sierra, Ethical Traveler and The Best Travel Writing series. She is the managing editor of the Adventure Collection — a travel blog backed by nine adventure travel companies that publishes award-winning writers from around the world. Sabine honed her storytelling abilities in Latin America, where she biked from the Andes to the Amazon, spear-fished invasive species in shipwrecks and co-hosted an environmental radio show in the Dominican Republic.

Co-founder & Creative Director

Sivani Babu is the co-founder and Creative Director of Hidden Compass. She is an award-winning writer and photographer, and a lifelong traveler. Her work has appeared on BBC Travel, CNN, and the Adventure Collection blog as well as in Backpacker MagazineNature Photographer, and Bay Nature, to name a few. Sivani’s love of adventure and storytelling has taken her sailing across the Drake Passage, chasing storms through Tornado Alley, bushwhacking through Rwandan forests in search of mountain gorillas, and road tripping around the United States with a former teacher of hers from high school.



Liz Shemaria is an Editor-at-Large at Hidden Compass. She comes from a family of storytellers and is motivated by a story’s power to inspire positive world changeA former daily news editor who longed to write features, as a freelance writer she has contributed to more than a dozen publications and organizations, including BBC TravelAFARRoads & Kingdoms, and Human Rights Watch. Her Northern California roots go back three generations, yet she views “home” as a global experience. She has trekked solo in the Himalayas, interviewed artists in military-ruled Burma, and studied art and history in Florence, Italy. Liz earned a master’s degree in journalism from the University of California, Berkeley with an emphasis on international reporting and new media.