Kelsey Camacho

Kelsey Camacho focuses on identity and landscape in the Arctic. She’s also training for her first dogsledding race.

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About the Journalist

Kelsey Camacho is from North Carolina. She grew up around trees and studied creative writing before moving across the country to Portland, Oregon. While she was there, she rode a bike everywhere, worked in a bookstore, and interned with a literary nonprofit. She eventually moved away to travel by European railroads and teach English in Hungary, but she still gets nostalgic about the PNW quite often (along with most places she has ever been).

Currently, Kelsey lives in Longyearbyen, Svalbard: a cold place without trees. She works as a sled dog handler and occasionally teaches nonfiction writing workshops at Artica: an art residency center. Soon, she will start training for her first dogsledding race.

While writing, she focuses mainly on identity and landscape in the Arctic. Her work has appeared in Nowhere Magazine, Bitch Media, Proximity, Dark Mountain, Entropy, and elsewhere.

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