Summer 2019

Otherworldly Realms

A Note from the Editors

Venture with us to otherworldly realms — ones that are disappearing, ones that have disappeared, and even ones that might never have existed. The Summer 2019 issue of Hidden Compass is here, and it’s full of stories about inhabiting other universes.

For our photo feature, join Clara Milo on a Quest to hang on to a surreal desert dimension of art, hope, and spontaneous raves in Sandland.

In Botswana’s Okavango Delta, Amanda Castleman inhabits the domain of indigenous Bushmen. In our Time Travel story, Love in a Time of Abundance, she learns an important lesson from one of humanity’s most ancient cultures.

Then, in Eastern Morocco, Kori Perten rides atop ancient sea beds with a local man who once sought buried treasure. In this Chasing Demons story, they both discover the risk of living in a world where there are Ancient Marvels for Sale.

The lines between Human and Nature begin to blur for James Michael Dorsey in A Place of Magic, where even death is not what it seems.

Finally, Lavanya Sunkara brings us a Portrait of Native Hawaiian Penny Rawlins Martin, who set out to sail 2,250 nautical miles in a sea canoe modeled after those her ancestors used. Out on the open Pacific Ocean, Penny and her crew enter a realm where land and vessel merge, in Our Canoe is an Island.

As always, we extend our deepest gratitude to our readers, who share our dream of powerful storytelling, and to our contributors, who send us stories worth sharing.

Yours in wanderlust,

Sabine Bergmann and Sivani Babu, Hidden Compass Co-Founders
Liz Shemaria, Hidden Compass Editor-at-Large