James Michael Dorsey

James Michael Dorsey is an award-winning author, and explorer, who has spent decades documenting vanishing cultures in Africa and Asia.

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About the Journalist

James Michael Dorsey is an explorer and award-winning author who has spent two decades visiting the most remote societies on earth. His personal narratives strive to give a voice to those who have no written language.

He has written for United Airlines, Perceptive Travel, Colliers, the Christian Science Monitor, Lonely Planet, the Los Angeles Times, BBC Wildlife, BBC Travel, Hidden Compass, Panorama Journal, Chicken Soup for the Soul, and Natural History, plus several international magazines. He is a foreign correspondent for Camerapix Intl. in Nairobi, Kenya, and a travel consultant to Brown&Hudson of London.

James has published three books, all available online, and over 700 essays. His stories have appeared in 21 travel anthologies, including the Best Travel Writing series and the Lonely Planet Literary Anthology, and have won 22 Solas Awards from Travelers’ Tales publishing.

He is a retired fellow of the Explorers Club and member emeritus of the Adventurers Club.

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