Tania Amochaev Romanov

Award-winning travel writer and photographer Tania Romanov made her first international trip at six months old — as a refugee — and hasn’t stopped traveling since.

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About the Journalist

Tania Romanov is an award-winning travel photographer and the author of three books: Mother Tongue: A Saga of Three Generations of Balkan Women; Never a Stranger, a travel story collection; and One Hundred Years of Exile: A Romanov’s Search for Her Father’s Russia (2021). A Solas Award winner, Tania’s work has also been featured in multiple travel anthologies and translated into Serbo-Croatian and Russian.

Born in the former Yugoslavia, Tania fled the country and spent her childhood in a refugee camp in Trieste, Italy, before emigrating to the United States. She went through San Francisco’s public schools, U.C. Berkeley, and the Stanford Graduate School of Business, eventually serving as CEO of three technology companies.

When not on the road, Tania splits her time between San Francisco and Sonoma County.

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