Sugato Mukherjee

Sugato Mukherjee is a Kolkata, India-based photographer and writer whose work on the sulfur miners of East Java was recognized by UNESCO.

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About the Journalist

Sugato Mukherjee is a photographer and writer based in Kolkata whose interests are multifold. He has worked on stories about the nomadic Changpa tribesmen in Eastern Ladakh; vibrant, syncretic cults in South India; and the lives of salt farmers in Gujarat and Vietnam. He also loves to write about unexpected travel destinations and food. His work has been published by BBC, Al Jazeera, Deutsche Welle, Fodor’s, American Sociological JournalAtlas ObscuraNational Geographic Traveller IndiaThe Globe and Mail, and Discovery.

Sugato’s coffee table book on Ladakh was published in New Delhi in 2013, and his second book “The God in the Mirror” has just been published at the 2024 Kolkata International Book Fair. He is currently working on a long-term documentary project on Kashmir and hopes to make a book out of it someday.

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