Sadek Hefni Shorbagi

Sadek Hefni Shorbagi is a Pathfinder Prize finalist, researcher, and Arabic translator for “Pharaoh’s Hot Springs.”

About the Finalist

Research scientist Sadek Shorbagi is a prospective expeditioner and Arabic translator for the Pathfinder Prize finalist team, Pharaoh’s Hot Springs.”

In addition to fluency in Arabic, English, and French, Shorbagi brings a breadth of experience in several scientific disciplines — molecular biology, pedagogy, psychology, and neuroscience. He earned a MSc in cell and systems biology from the University of Toronto, where he worked as a pedagogical research assistant. At York University, he led a 3-year research project investigating the linguistic and cognitive development of French immersion students from a variety of backgrounds.

After 12 years of learning and researching across various scientific fields, Shorbagi took a career turn and joined a family-founded textile business established in the 1930s in Cairo, Egypt. He’s currently leading the company’s administrative division, and learning how the company operates on a scientific, operational, financial, and business level.

“Pharaoh’s Hot Springs” Expedition Cover Image: Ras Sedr, Egypt.

 “Pharaoh’s Hot Springs” Expedition Cover Image: Ras Sedr, Egypt.