Garrett Martin

Garrett Martin is an award-winning documentary filmmaker, photographer, and conservationist who’s proud to call southern Appalachia his home.

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About the Journalist

Garrett Martin is an award-winning documentary filmmaker, outdoor photographer, conservationist, and owner of the production company VentureLife Films. Garrett’s passion lies in the intersection of media and the outdoors, as he focuses on telling engaging, personal, and meaningful stories that have an impact.

Garrett has worked on four documentaries to date, with his two features, Unbounded and Beyond Travel, each winning multiple international awards and being screened around the world. His work has been featured in Sierra Magazine, Gear Junkie, Lonely Planet, Matador Network, and many other publications. He is currently working on his fifth documentary, Hotspot, which is in production.

Garrett has experience directing, producing, shooting, and editing short-form and long-form productions, giving him the expertise to take a project from start to finish. He is currently based out of Asheville, NC as he focuses on producing environmental and outdoor media throughout the South East.

He’s proud to call southern Appalachia his home.

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