Chase Nelson

Chase Nelson is a poet-explorer who likes howling at the moon and laughing until it hurts at big tables full of strangers in foreign lands.

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About the Journalist

A man who feels most at home deep in the woods or on a solitary mountain pass, Chase loves to unfold his reality into poetry, music, and occasionally prose fit for world-class travel magazines. Always with the intent to share his delight and insights along the mysterious voyage through life, foreign culture, and human communion.

A man who found great success but little fulfillment after a decade as a software designer in the Bay Area, Chase walked away onto the Pacific Crest Trail and arguably never came back. Since then, he has been a raft guide in Idaho, a backcountry ski patroller in Tahoe, journeyed deep into the Amazon jungle and into plant medicine realms, walked across Spain, and utterly lost himself in existential thought.

He is most inspired by the vitality of life when he is sitting with his trusty companion and black lab, Caledonia, beneath an oak or pine or cottonwood tree, letting the sap soak into his back and writing a poem of the bliss of living, the trials of having a human mind, or the struggles we face in human society to find peace amidst the enormous diversity of our expressions.

He is a Cancer with Leo rising, speaks Italian fluently, hosts a podcast called Chase Wildly, and is in constant search of a good hammock.

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