Tim Bird

Starting each day with the intention, not always successful in seizing it, Tim Bird is always looking for creative ways to deal with the fact that he gets bored easily.

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I’m from southeast England but I’ve been living in Finland since 1982, migrating to a place about which I knew absolutely nothing and where I knew nobody, with the vague aim of seeking adventure and making my life more interesting. I came to Finland as a teacher of English but found opportunities to pursue a career as a journalist and editor, gradually adding travel photography to my work description. I’ve won many awards for the travel photography that has accompanied my features and books, which have specialized in Finland (about which I now know a great deal, if not quite absolutely everything) and the Nordic and Baltic regions. I’ve also developed a special interest in all things Indian. I love to write, I love to use my camera, I love to cycle, I love to travel, I love music, I love to read, and ideally I try to combine as many of them as possible. I’ve lived through seismic changes in Finland and northern Europe, visiting the Soviet Union before and during its demise, and witnessing Finland’s profound evolution from isolated non-alignment to committed EU and NATO membership. I’m now a dual Finn-Brit citizen, with families in both countries, experiencing the kind of stimulating cultural chaos probably familiar to many expats. You can take the Brit out of Britain, but you can never take all of the British out of the Brit!

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