Jeff Greenwald

Oakland-based Jeff Greenwald remains either the world’s most obscure well-known travel writer, or the best-known obscure travel writer.

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Jeff Greenwald is the author of eight books, including “Shopping for Buddhas” (now in its 25th Anniversary edition), “The Size of the World” (a 1993/1994 trip around the world without airplanes, for which he created the first Internet travel blog) and “Snake Lake,” set in Nepal during the 1990 Democracy revolution. His tales and essays appear in many print and online publications. During his 45-year writing career, he has interviewed and profiled a full spectrum of global luminaries, including the Dalai Lama, Grace Slick, Paul Bowles, and William Shatner.

Jeff’s first voyage abroad (at 17) ended in disaster, but subsequent trips were more successful. Adventures at home and in more than 100 foreign lands have provided rich material for his storytelling career, and his spoken word tales have been featured at The Moth and on NPR’s Snap Judgment. His acclaimed one-man show, “Strange Travel Suggestions,” premiered in San Francisco in 2003. Jeff is also the Executive Director of Ethical Traveler, a non-profit dedicated to human rights and environmental protection.

Jeff’s most recent books include “Out of Nothing: Conversations with Larry Harvey” (2019) and the upcoming “Nine Gifts,” co-authored with Christine Marie Mason. His current work-in-progress—”108 Beloved Objects”—has been featured in the pages of Hidden Compass.

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