Spring 2018

On Hispar glacier

Just Another Adventure Story

Celebrated photographer Robert Holmes reflects on adventure in one of the wildest, most remote regions in the world.

Sarah W. Vorwerk in the ice at Paradise Bay


Sivani Babu seeks to break through the desolation of the Drake Passage as she crosses the roughest sea in the world.

A Stone for Henry Leman

An unlikely friendship leads James Dorsey to Auschwitz and humanity’s darkest hour.

Bay on Terre-de-haut

The Nautical Alchemist

“I did not always want to build boats,” he says. “I wanted to be an alchemist.” Only an alchemist could build boats like Alain Foy Jr.

Return to the Tugela

After nearly two decades away, Nicholas Bratton revisits South Africa and the turbulent waters of the Tugela River to see how a community has changed.

A Note from the Editors

Travel is built on connection. It is a connection that might get under your skin, into your heart, under your fingernails. A bond that could pull you into unrequited love, as Rachel Pieh Jones...

The Beauty and Violence Beneath our Feet

My feet slid on stairs made slick by light rain and overgrown grass. I bent and grazed my hand over each cement step to be sure it was really there: The path was too...

A Moken man leaps spear first into the waters off Ma Kyone Galet.

Into a Disappearing Deep

A beautifully muscled body soars to the apex of a majestic leap, painting a perfect arc over my head. Clouds billow in the late afternoon sun and light glints on the sea. The diver’s...

Author Louisa Deasey's father in Saint Clair.

A Poet, a War, and the Letters from Saint Clair

As the bus pulled into Saint Clair after the long journey from Toulon in the South of France, I finally let myself believe I’d see it: The place my dad had stayed almost seven...

Moulay Idriss, Morocco

Scalded, Sanded, and Smeared

This place should come with a warning sticker. You know, like the advisories on the outside of certain compact disc cases: “Explicit content.” A sign that says “Fat, Middle-Aged, Pasty Guys: Beware”…